Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazy dazy sunday funday....

So today was a busy busy day We (My husband, daughter, neighbor and I)woke up, I made pancakes, set up for a dinner date we had with another couple, went to a 1st Birthday party, purchased our daughter a new swim suit (she outgrew her other new one before she ever wore it), finished setting up for the kids to swim and prepped the grill, had our dinner date, and finally crashed.  You would think alllll that would provide ample opportunity to give back.  NOPE!  Thanks to new technology I interacted with 3 people outside of my family and our dinner guests all day long.  One of those actually did a good deed for me and gave me a  price break on the meat for our burgers.  I wanted to hug him, but since I'm pretty sure that's not allowed at this particular store I just gave him a big smile & a thank you.  I hope have more opportunities in the coming week, but for now my butcher gets all the glory.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I have always been a person that strongly believed that what you give is what you receive.  In virtually every religion there is some form of pay it forward, whether it be a do unto others situation or a three fold rule etc, what you put into life is what you are going to receive from it.  I have gotten away from that philosophy from time to time and realized recently I have gotten to a point without even realizing it that I am expecting things just to go well for me without putting much effort in myself.  I don't want to be that unhappy person that everyone has in their life that things just never go right for them.  Woe is me.  So I'm putting my foot down and from now on I wont have a chance to stray, because not only am I accountable to myself, but I am accountable to you too.  I am committing to posting once a week (hopefully more) barring any unforeseen complications starting today.  Hopefully I will not only effect the people that I interact with, but new interwebs friends as well.  Here goes nothing...

random act of kindness day 1:

  • Purchased 2 cases of bottled water to be shared at work
  • Volunteered time (and a toy gun) to help teach a little boy to tie his shoes